University of California Santa Cruz Police Department
UC Santa Cruz PD Policy Manual


Briefing Training


Briefing training is generally conducted at the beginning of the officer's assigned shift. Briefing provides an opportunity for important exchange between employees and supervisors. A supervisor generally will conduct Briefing; however officers may conduct Briefing for training purposes with supervisor approval.

Briefing should accomplish, at a minimum, the following basic tasks:

 (a) Briefing officers with information regarding daily patrol activity, with particular attention given to unusual situations and changes in the status of wanted persons, stolen vehicles, and major investigations

 (b) Notifying officers of changes in schedules and assignments

 (c) Notifying officers of new General Orders or changes in General Orders

 (d) Reviewing recent incidents for training purposes

 (e) Providing training on a variety of subjects



The supervisor conducting Briefing is responsible for preparation of the materials necessary for a constructive briefing. Supervisors may delegate this responsibility to a subordinate officer in his or her absence or for training purposes.




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