Universitywide Law Enforcement Policies and Administrative Procedures

The Office of the President is responsible for the Universitywide coordination of certain University police service functions. This responsibility is executed through the Office of the Coordinator of Police Services and includes coordination of the development of employee selection, training and performance standards, collection and dissemination of crime prevention information, liaison with other agencies in the Criminal Justice System, organization planning for inter campus mutual assistance and development of police services policies and standards. Responsibility for security and law enforcement at each campus is assigned to the Chancellors who are responsible for campus organization, operation, internal administration and discipline. The Chancellor, at each campus, has established a police or public safety department with responsibility for law enforcement and the protection of the lives and property of the general public, students, faculty, and staff.

Universitywide Police Policies and Administrative Procedures

Use of Force Policy

Body Worn Camera Policy

Department Policies

Here are the Department Policies that the UC Santa Cruz Police Department provides to the UCSC community and general public to be aware of while visiting or residing on university property and on-campus.

Mission, Vision, and Values Statement

Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

Peace Officers Bill of Rights

Chapter 100

Chapter 200

Chapter 300

Chapter 400

Chapter 500

Chapter 600

Chapter 700

Chapter 800

Chapter 900

Chapter 1000