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For Emergencies, call 911

Reporting a Crime on the UC Santa Cruz Campus

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If you have been the victim of a crime it's very important to report it. We know that sometimes it’s not easy to decide to come forward. But we also know that if no one reports a crime, it’s as if it never happened.

If no one reports a crime, the criminal is free to commit more crime, damaging more communities and individuals.

It’s also important to report crime for your own practical purposes, like getting a Police Report number so that you can make an insurance claim.

How Do I Report a Crime?

By Telephone

Emergencies or Crimes in Progress: 911

Non-emergency incidents, public service requests or inquiries: (831) 459-2231.

Anonymous tip line: (831) 459-3TIP (459-3847)

Click here for the Department Phone Directory

By visiting us in person

At the police station you will be asked to provide details of the crime and make a statement about the facts of the case.

You’ll receive an incident number that you can quote to find out about the progress of your case and to use if you’re making any kind of insurance claim.

Click here for information on filing a commendation or complaint.

Click here for directions to our office.

By Completing an Online Crime Report

Anonymous reports can be submitted using our online report form below. Your personal information is optional.



Submission of this form does not constitute the filing of a police report. To make a formal police report regarding an incident please call the UCSC Police Department at (831) 459-2231. An officer will be dispatched to contact you.

Submit a Confidential Tip

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