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Our members are committed and focused on supporting our UCSC community by   connecting, learning, working, and protecting.  We provide service with integrity, determination, and respect.  Diversity is woven into our department as our members are from varying backgrounds and experiences.




Calls For Service

Calls for service statistics are used to indicate the level of police activity in a defined area during a specific timeframe. Calls for service totals are a combination of dispatched calls and self-initiated/directed calls.  Dispatched calls are calls for police assistance that are generated by the community, through a call or text to 911 or the non-emergency line (831-459-2231).  Self-initiated and directed calls are officer-initiated calls for service, which can be initiated in-person or scheduled in advance to proactively address a community issue.  The UC Santa Cruz Police Department counts all calls for service where at least one UCSC Police Officer was dispatched or self-initiated a call.  The calls are primarily dispatched to locations within the UCSC main campus and UCSC-owned and leased locations, but also include calls where an officer assisted another agency. 

Total calls for service 
2018: 32,105
2019: 30,972
2020: 34,769



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