Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

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It is the policy of this department to use qualified Student Ambassadors for specified tasks and duties in order to create efficiencies for the department and improve services to the community. Student Ambassadors are intended to supplement and support, rather than supplant, sworn officers and civilian personnel. Student Ambassadors can be an important part of any organization and are proven to be a valuable asset to law enforcement agencies. 

student ambassadors

Become a Student Ambassador!

Definition of Student Ambassadors:
A student ambassador is an undergraduate student who acts as a connection between the police department and the student body here at UCSC. The student ambassadors work closely with the police department staff and officers in order to provide accurate information and assistance to the student population. The hiring process is lengthy and detailed to ensure the students are trustworthy, responsible and hard-working.

Student Ambassadors help to increase department responsiveness, delivery of services and information input, and provide new program opportunities. In addition, Student Ambassadors bring new skills and expertise to the department and prompt new enthusiasm.

Why should I become a Student Ambassador for the Police Department?
  • To make a difference in the community
  • To work with community leaders
  • To gain valuable experience
  • To fulfill personal endeavors and goals
  • To improve job skills
  • To explore potential career opportunities
  • Most importantly, because you have the time to donate your valuable services

A full background including a polygraph exam may be required of each applicant depending on the type of assignment. The Chief of police must grant final approval of all Student Ambassador candidates before accepting a position.

Orientation Process

All student ambassadors must be current undergraduate students pursuing a bachelors degree. All majors are encouraged to apply.

After participating in an interview, chosen students must be fingerprinted and pass a background check to be considered for the position.Once hired, the student spends time with different departments within the police department, including records, dispatch, physical security systems, officers, and administration. Once orientation is complete, the students jobs vary widely depending on the department's need.

A documented background investigation shall be completed on each volunteer applicant and shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

(a) Traffic and criminal background check. Fingerprints shall be obtained from all applicants and processed through the California Criminal Information Index.

(b) Employment

(c) References

(d) Credit check

A polygraph exam may be required of each applicant depending on the type of assignment.

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Job Assignments

As a student ambassador, you can expect exciting tasks that vary with each day. Tasks include communicating with the public through the police department website and brochures, assisting in physical security projects around campus and maintenance of records. Currently student ambassadors work 9.5 hours per week during the quarter, and varying hours during the summer.

Applying To Be A Student Ambassador

As the student ambassador position opens, the application can be accessed through the Employee Request (ER) System found on the UCSC Handshake Page.