Jeanne Clery Campus Security Act

Jeanne Clery Campus Security Act, 2023 Report Published September 29, 2023

Click Here for Annual Security/Fire Report 2023


The Office of Campus Safety Compliance with Risk and Safety Services manages Clery Act Compliance at UC Santa Cruz. 

Information regarding the Clery Act compliance program (i.e., campus security authorities, timely warnings, emergency notifications, the annual security & fire safety report, and the crime log) has been transferred from the UCPD website to the the Risk & Safety Services ‘Programs’ webpage

Access to the 2023 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report will remain on this webpage until the 2024 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report is published.

Interactive Crime Log and Map

Crime Log Image Main

Link to the interactive crime log and map: When on the page, select Daily Crime/Fire Log Bulletin.

Our goal is to inform the community about safety issues so that they may take appropriate and timely measures to take care of themselves and others. As such, our website allows the community to view reports of crime and incidents, missing people, stolen vehicles, and more on a campus map. One may also sign up for daily activity reports automatically sent to an email account. This website also allows users to narrow a search by date (up to 30 days in the past) and type of crime report. Users can also see crime reports as pushpins or a heat map.

This site pulls the media log, Clery Act crime log and the other pertinent information into one place. The crime log will include information information for the past 60 days.

For more information about the crime log and UC Santa Cruz’s Clery Act compliance program, visit the Risk & Safety Services ‘Programs’ webpage