UC Systemwide Policing Task Force

President Janet Napolitano created the presidential task force to examine the investigative practices, use of force-related policies and training of the UC police departments in an effort to strengthen the departments’ practices and their relationships and interactions with the community. The task force would provide a written report with guidance and recommendations by December 2018. It will focus on the review of current procedures and establishing a process for continuously re-evaluating best practices going forward.

The University is a diverse community with an array of perspectives and views on almost every issue. The role of policing on campus is no exception. Recognizing that, President Napolitano named individuals to the Task Force to represent not only their own views, but a broad spectrum to enrich the Task Force’s discussions and deliberations. The Task Force was chaired by Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer Alexander Bustamante. The Task Force membership comprised various experts and constituencies across the University, including:

  • Police Chiefs
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Dean of Students
  • Vice Chancellors for Administration
  • Campus Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Students
  • Faculty experts
  • Staff
  • Risk Services
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Union Representatives

Campus law enforcement, in its approach to community policing, balances a unique combination of stakeholders and performs different public safety roles when compared to municipal law enforcement. These important differences and the unique nature of campus policing were carefully considered by the Task Force and played a prominent role in its review.

Report of the Presidential Task Force on University Policing 2019 PDF

In addition, the Final Implementation Report for the Presidential Task Force on University Policing was sent to UC President Napolitano on July 10, 2020. The report contains our response to implementing the recommendations within our purview.