About the Department

Law Enforcement Authority

Sworn members of the UC Santa Cruz Police Department are peace officers pursuant to Penal Code § 830.2(b). The authority of any such peace officer extends to any place in the State of California, provided that the primary duty of the peace officer shall be the enforcement of the law within the area specified in Education Code § 92600.  

The police officers are armed and possess the same authority under the law as municipal police officers. They patrol the campus and in or about other grounds of properties owned, operated, controlled or administered by The Regents of the University of California 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

It is important that all crimes occurring on campus be immediately reported to the Police Department to ensure that appropriate action can be taken. 


To Report Any Emergency:

Emergencies requiring police, fire, or medical aid can be reported in person or by dialing 911 from any cellular phone or telephone on campus. 


Emergencies can also be reported by using one of the "Blue Light" emergency phones located throughout the campus. 


Non-Emergency Assistance:

Non-emergency calls for assistance can be reported by dialing the UC Santa Cruz Police Department at (831) 459-2231 ext. 1.

More information about how to visit us can be found on our Office Hours and Directions page. 

Concurrent Jurisdiction

The UC Santa Cruz Police Department shares jurisdiction with local law enforcement agencies.

UC Police and Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies

University-Wide Mutual Aid

Pursuant to Chapter 13 of the University of California university-wide Police Policies and Administrative Procedures, UCPD and equipment from one or more campuses can travel to another UC campus to support that campus’ police department with both planned and unplanned events and occurrences.

California Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Plans

The statewide mutual aid system is an outgrowth of the California Disaster and Civil Defense and the Master Mutual Aid Agreement (1950), the Emergency Services Act, Chapter 7 of Division 1 of Title 2 of the Government Code (GC)Governor’s Executive Order W-9-91, is supported by the California Emergency Plan and by extension, the Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Plan.

The State of California Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Plan is issued and revised under the authority of Sections 8550, 8569, 8615 through 8619, and 8668 of the California Government Code, the California Emergency Plan, and the Master Mutual Aid Agreement. 

UC Police, as a state law enforcement agency, is expected to participate in the plan. The Sheriff of Santa Cruz County is the Operational Area (OA) Law Enforcement Coordinator for UC Santa Cruz. The Sheriff may request assistance on behalf of the OA (i.e., county) and law enforcement agencies are expected to provide personnel to the extent possible.