University of California Santa Cruz Police Department
UC Santa Cruz PD Policy Manual



Outside Agency Assistance


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to officers in the request of or answering the request for assistance involving another law enforcement agency.

It is the policy of this department to provide assistance whenever possible, consistent with the applicable laws of arrest and detention policies of this department, when another law enforcement agency requests assistance with an arrest or detention of any person. This department may also request an outside agency to provide assistance.


Generally, calls for assistance from other agencies are routed to the Shift Supervisor's office for approval. When an authorized employee of an outside agency requests the assistance of this department in taking a person into custody, available officers shall respond and assist in making a lawful arrest. If an officer receives a request in the field for assistance, that officer shall notify a supervisor. Arrestees may be temporarily detained by our agency until arrangements  for transportation are made by the outside agency. Only in exceptional circumstances will this department provide transportation of arrestees to other county facilities.

When such assistance is rendered, a case number will be issued to report action taken by University of California Santa Cruz Police Department Personnel. Probation violators temporarily detained by this department will not ordinarily be booked at this department.


If assistance is needed from another agency, the employee requesting assistance shall first notify a supervisor of his/her intentions. The handling officer or supervisor should direct assisting personnel to where they are needed and to whom they should report when they arrive.

The requesting officer should secure radio frequencies for use by all involved agencies so that communication can be coordinated as needed. If necessary, reasonable effort should be taken to provide radio equipment capable of communicating on the assigned frequency to any personnel who do not have compatible radios.



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