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Identity Theft


Identity theft is a growing trend that frequently involves related crimes in multiple jurisdictions. This policy is intended to provide guidelines for the reporting and investigation of such crimes.


363.2     REPORTING

 (a) In an effort to maintain uniformity in reporting, officers presented with the crime of identity theft (Penal Code 530.6) shall initiate a report for victims residing within the jurisdiction of this department when the crime occurred. For incidents of identity theft occurring outside this jurisdiction, officers should observe the following:

  1. For any victim not residing within this jurisdiction, the officer may either take a courtesy report to be forwarded to the victim's residence agency or the victim should be encouraged to promptly report the identity theft to the law enforcement agency where he or she resides.

 (b) While the crime of identity theft should be reported to the law enforcement agency where the victim resides, officers of this department should investigate and report crimes occurring within this jurisdiction which have resulted from the original identity theft (e.g., the identity theft occurred elsewhere, but the credit card fraud occurred and is reported in this jurisdiction).

 (c) Officers should include all known incidents of fraudulent activity (e.g., credit card number applied for in victim's name when the victim has never made such an application).

 (d) Officers should also cross-reference all known reports made by the victim (e.g., U.S. Secret Service, credit reporting bureaus, S. Postal Service and DMV) with all known report numbers.

 (e) The reporting officer should inform victims of identity theft that the California Identity Theft Registry is available to help those who are wrongly linked to The registry can be checked by law enforcement and other authorized persons to investigate whether a criminal history or want was created in the victim's name (Penal Code § 530.7). Information regarding the California Identity Theft Registry can be obtained by calling toll free (888) 880-0240.

 (f) Following supervisory review and departmental processing, the initial report should be forwarded to the appropriate detective for follow up investigation, coordination with other agencies and prosecution as circumstances dictate.




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