University of California Santa Cruz Police Department
UC Santa Cruz PD Policy Manual



Enforcement Actions in Campus Facilities


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and direction to members of this department when entering spaces that are immediately occupied by persons using the facilities for on going university class, lectures and other associated academic activity.


386.2     POLICY

The UC Santa Cruz Police Department is committed to creating a safe environment for faculty, staff and students to work and learn in. This environment includes all classrooms, lecture halls, and other academic facilities located on, or under the control of UC Santa Cruz. Department members will strive to not disrupt or intrude upon these academic spaces for enforcement activities.

Nonetheless, there will be instances when police department personnel must enter classrooms, facilities, or other spaces to take enforcement action, or perform other law enforcement related duties.



Officers and other police department personnel should not enter into classrooms, facilities, or other spaces to take enforcement action, or perform other law enforcement related duties when the space is immediately being used by students, staff or other university sanctioned groups or person(s) except in the following circumstances:

 (a) When invited to enter.

 (b) In an emergency or an exigent situation that would cause a department member to believe that immediate action is necessary to prevent physical harm to an individual(s), and/or prevent property damage.

 (c) When an individual(s) is committing or threatening to commit an act(s)s of violence.

 (d) When department members are summoned to maintain public order and/or safety, or to removed anyone being disruptive to the normal working operations of the facility or area.

 (e) All medical emergencies.

 (f) With a search warrant, arrest warrant and/or other legal process.

 (g) With the approval of the Chief of Police or designee.

Whenever practicable, either before or after the action, a department member(s) should speak with and inform the person in charge of the facility or area at the time the action was undertaken of the reason for the enforcement action necessitating immediate entry.




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