University of California Santa Cruz Police Department
UC Santa Cruz PD Policy Manual



Personal Appearance Standards


In order to project uniformity and neutrality toward the public and other members of the department, employees shall maintain their personal hygiene and appearance to project a professional image appropriate for this department and for their assignment.



Unless otherwise stated and because deviations from these standards could present officer safety issues, the following appearance standards shall apply to all employees, except those whose current assignment would deem them not appropriate, and where the Chief of Police has granted exception.


1044.2.1 HAIR

Hairstyles of all members shall be neat in appearance. For male sworn members, hair must not extend below the top edge of the uniform collar while assuming a normal stance.

For female sworn members, hair must be no longer than the horizontal level of the bottom of  the uniform patch when the employee is standing erect, worn up or in a tightly wrapped braid or ponytail.


1044.2.2 MUSTACHES

A short and neatly trimmed mustache may be worn. Mustaches shall not extend below the corners of the mouth or beyond the natural hairline of the upper lip.


1044.2.3 SIDEBURNS

Sideburns shall not extend below the bottom of the outer ear opening (the top of the earlobes) and shall be trimmed and neat.


1044.2.4 FACIAL HAIR

All facial hair including mustaches, sideburns and beards shall be neat in appearance, neatly trimmed and clean in accordance with the University-wide Policies and Procedures Manual.



Fingernails extending beyond the tip of the finger can pose a safety hazard to officers or others. For this reason, fingernails shall be trimmed so that no point of the nail extends beyond the tip of the finger.



 (a) No jewelry or personal ornaments shall be worn by officers on any part of the uniform or equipment, except those authorized within this Jewelry, if worn around the neck, shall not be visible above the shirt collar.

 (b) Uniformed employees may wear the following:

  1. No more than one post earring may be worn in each ear.
  2. Only one ring may be worn on each hand of the employee while on duty.
  3. Only one necklace or neck chain may be worn provided it is not visible.
  4. Sunglasses may be worn, provided they do not have brightly colored frames or mirrored lenses.

 (c) No bracelets except medical alert bracelets may be worn while in uniform. The department will not be responsible for loss or damage to jewelry.


1044.3 TATTOOS

While on duty or representing the Department in any official capacity, every reasonable effort should be made to conceal tattoos or other body art. At no time while on duty or representing the Department in any official capacity, shall any offensive tattoo or body art be visible (examples of offensive tattoos would include, but not be limited to those which depict racial, sexual, discriminatory, gang related, or obscene language).



Body piercing or alteration to any area of the body visible in any authorized uniform or attire that is a deviation from normal anatomical features and which is not medically required is prohibited. Such body alteration includes, but is not limited to:

 (a) Tongue splitting or piercing.

 (b) The complete or transdermal implantation of any material other than hair

 (c) Abnormal shaping of the ears, eyes, nose or teeth

 (d) Branding or scarification.




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