University of California Santa Cruz Police Department
UC Santa Cruz PD Policy Manual



Meal Periods and Breaks


This policy regarding meals and breaks, insofar as possible shall conform to the policy governing all University employees that has been established by the various bargaining group contracts.



Sworn employees, Kiosk Guards and Dispatchers shall remain on duty, subject to call during meal breaks. All other employees are not on call during meal breaks unless directed otherwise by a supervisor.

Officers shall request clearance prior to taking a meal period. Officers shall take their breaks within the University limits or within the city surrounding the campus. Provided the campus is still protected, the geographic limit for meals is Ocean Street. Other meal sites must have prior approval from a supervisor. Meal periods may be limited due to campus protection needs.


1034.1.2 15 MINUTE BREAKS

Each employee is entitled to a 15-minute break, near the mid point, for each four-hour work period. Field officers will take their breaks subject to call and shall monitor their radios.




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