University of California Santa Cruz Police Department
UC Santa Cruz PD Policy Manual


Community Engagement


It is the policy of the UC Santa Cruz Police Department to provide the highest level of service possible, recognizing this can only be accomplished with the demonstrated support of the community. To this end, it is the policy of the Department to engage the community in full partnership, both in written word and in action. Every member of the Department will share in the responsibility of supporting and modeling a community oriented policing policy.


The UC Santa Cruz Police Department will actively engage in community outreach efforts. This will be accomplished by having all members of the Department reaching out to members of    the community through various programs aimed at relationship-building and long-term problem solving efforts.

The goal of this is to seek and achieve mutual trust and respect. Law enforcement and community members must be able to trust one another; trust requires mutual understanding and respect. A relationship of mutual trust and respect grows through collaborative partnerships, communication, education, outreach, information-sharing, and addressing perceptions of one another.

A large portion of this community-building effort includes the use pf social media, as well as the Student Ambassador Program, Community Police Academy, Safety Presentations, community meetings and forums, "Cops and Coffee" programs, "BBQ and Badges" events, and other crime prevention efforts. These programs serve to familiarize the public with the daily operations and procedures of the Department, while permitting educational outreach about the interaction of police services with the campus community.


All members of the Department are encouraged to engage in crime prevention efforts and to submit recommendations for special projects, programs, problem-solving efforts which will enhance the Department's efforts to achieve trust and mutual respect in the community.

Each supervisor will be responsible for promoting, encouraging, and supporting outreach efforts by their subordinates. Supervisors have the responsiblity to recognize exceptional efforts by their subordinates, and other units within the Department that achieve measurable success in supporting outreach efforts. Information about these accomplishments will be forwarded to the Chief of Police through the chain of command.

Annual evaluations should include comments regarding an employee's participation in community outreach efforts. Comments should include information describing the number and type of projects, programs, and/or specific problem-solving efforts.


It will be the responsibility of the Chief of Police or designee to assure that officers receive training in community oriented policing and practices, procedural justice, and other training programs that encourage community engagement. Community engagement is a priority for the Department, and the Department should seek advice and input from various University community members and stakeholders on topics including, but not limited to;

  • Community Engagement
  • Community knowledge of police policy and procedures
  • Critical areas of community concern
  • Recruitment, hiring, and promotions


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