Information on Immigration Rights

The UC Santa Cruz Police Department understands that recent executive orders on immigration have created a climate of confusion and fear among members of our community, especially among undocumented students, international students, and those of the Muslim faith.

We want to be clear that our long-standing policy prohibits our officers from contacting, detaining, questioning, or arresting individuals solely on the basis of suspected undocumented immigration status or to discover the immigration status of any individual.

Working with the UC Chiefs systemwide, as well as with the UC Office of the President, an FAQ on immigration enforcement actions has been created to provide guidance, resources and support for navigating many questions our community members have brought forward.

In addition, we have gathered additional information that is intended to assist our community. Please understand that some of this information is fluid, and we will do our best to post updated information as it becomes available.

FAQ on Immigration Enforcement Actions

FAQ on Immigration Enforcement Actions (PDF)

ICE Memo on Enforcement Actions at Sensitive Locations (PDF)

ICE Sensitive Locations Policy