The UC Santa Cruz Police Department has deployed a survey technology in order to gather consistent, quantifiable feedback from the community members we interact with. This feedback provides actionable insights and enables our agency to reflect on our service so we can continue to make improvements in the work we do. By having this insight, our hope is that we will be able to find ways to enhance our communications and increase efficiencies or adjust practices that will result in better serving our UC Santa Cruz community.


The survey system will automatically send short, mobile-friendly surveys after a victim, 911 caller or concerned citizen contacts our agency. The messages acknowledge calls after they have been received, can inform callers if any delays occur in our response and then provide an opportunity to complete a survey and provide feedback after the response is complete.


Officers and department staff will also be providing a card with a code when making contact in person, so those who did not initially call the police department can also participate in the survey and further our efforts of outreach to the various contacts we make throughout our service duties.