UCSC Police Department Policy for Payment

UCSC Police Department Policy for Payment

Revised 2012

1. US currency or other acceptable form of US tender will be accepted for the following, including but not limited to:  

  • All forms of parking fines
  • Booted vehicles
  • Records services fees
  • Other payments not noted above

2. Valid photo identification will be required for payment by personal check. Second party checks will not be accepted.

3. US coins and small bills will be accepted on site in limited amounts only. Maximums per denomination are:

  • Pennies $.50
  • Nickels $1.00
  • Dimes $2.00
  • Quarters $5.00
  • One dollar bills $20.00
  • Five dollar bills $100.00
  • Ten dollar bills $200.00 
  • Payment in coins that exceed the above limits will require:
    • an advanced appointment
    • at the UC Santa Cruz Hahn bldg. – cashier’s office
    • Between the hours of 9am-noon, Monday-Thursday.
      • The cashiers’ office provides a coin counting machine to count the coins and authenticate the total for payment