Citation Reviews

General Reasons Why Violations Won't be Dismissed

  1. Short Errands
  2. Late For Business Or Personal Appointment
  3. No Place Else To Park- The Lot Was Full
  4. I Didn't See The Sign- I Didn't Understand The Sign
  5. Only Part Of My Car Was Illegally Parked
  6. I Left Someone In The Car; I Left My Parking Lights On Or Blinking; I Left A Note On My Car As To My Whereabouts With The Motor Running
  7. It Was Only A Few Minutes
  8. Nobody Else Got A Ticket
  9. Someone Else Had My Car
  10. An Official Saw Me Park And Didn't Say Anything Or Said It Was Okay For A Few Minutes
  11. This Violation Has Not Been Enforced In The Past
  12. I've Done It For Years- Everybody Does It

ALL PERMITS MUST BE CLEARLY DISPLAYED in the bottom corner of the drivers side of the front windshield or hangtag from the rearview mirror.