Police Lieutenant

Promotional Examination Process

Annual Salary:  $157,300

Plus eligible for certificate pay (Supervisory Certificate 10% or Management Certificate 12% of base salary), and uniform allowance.


For specific benefits details please refer to the University of California website at http://ucnet.universityofcalifornia.edu/compensation-and-benefits/index.html.

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Application Period

Applicants must apply online at https://jobs.ucsc.edu between October 22, 2018, and November 19, 2018.  Recruitment #1808345.

At time of application submittal, applicants must also submit a POST Police Officer Personal History Statement (PHS) to the University of California, Santa Cruz Police Department via email to smahoney@ucsc.edu by November 19, 2018.  The PHS form 2-251 (rev. 2017) can be found at https://post.ca.gov/peace-officer-candidate-selection-process.



The University of California Police Department, Santa Cruz (UCPD) is conducting a recruitment process to fill a current vacancy at the rank of Police Lieutenant (Career Tracks Manager 1).

The Department is committed to community-oriented policing, a customer service approach to service delivery, and an awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of this campus community.  The Department takes pride in its organizational mission and values, as well as the campus Principles of Community.


Lieutenant’s Duties

A Police Lieutenant reports to the Chief of Police and may be assigned a variety of work shifts including day, night or other shifts as needed to achieve desired goals and objectives.

A Police Lieutenant manages, plans and directs the activities and provides oversight and supervision of a division of the Police Department including but not limited to: patrol, investigations, special events, administrative investigations, crime prevention, records management, parking enforcement, dispatch, traffic enforcement and community policing. Provides guidance to subordinates to achieve goals in accordance with established policies; Provides planning, organizing, monitoring, and controlling of a variety of law enforcement functions, programs/projects, and related activities; Develops and directs special field operations, community-oriented policing programs and directed patrol programs; provides oversight and supervision to a variety of units and programs including but not limited to internal affairs, use of force and collision review, crime prevention, public information and outreach, crime analysis, training and development, investigations, recruitment and hiring, counter-terrorism and intelligence. Assumes responsibility for the Department in the absence of the Chief of Police.


Ideal Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a detailed knowledge of modern police methods, practices and techniques with particular emphasis on the university environment; skills in working as part of a diverse team; ability to motivate others to effectively achieve department goals and objectives; ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with department members, neighboring agencies and the campus community; possess outstanding listening and speaking skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills and be visible in, and accessible to, the department and the community; have exemplary organizational skills to optimize efficiency; and the ability to effectively communicate, orally and in writing, to all levels of the organization and to a diverse campus community.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Currently employed as a University of California Police Department (UCPD) Police Lieutenant or higher; OR
  • Currently employed and qualified as a UCPD Police Sergeant with at least three years of UCPD service at the rank of Police Sergeant; OR
  • Currently or previously employed as a sworn police officer with another California law enforcement agency (non-UCPD) and at the rank of sergeant or above for at least 5 years; AND
  • Eligible candidates must possess:
    • Current California POST Advanced and Supervisory certificates
    • 60 college credits from an accredited institution (Bachelor’s Degree Preferred)
    • Valid California Class "C" Driver's License
    • US Citizenship


Preferred Qualifications 

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited university
  • Strong knowledge of law, regulation and University policy regarding public safety and law enforcement functions.
  • Strong knowledge of budgeting and financial practices applicable to law enforcement in the University environment.

For additional qualifications, and other special conditions of employment please see the job description (https://jobs.ucsc.edu).

All qualifications must be met by the final filing date Monday, November 19, 2018, at 11:59PM


Application Process

Each candidate must apply for this position via the UCSC on-line employment website by the closing date of November 19, 2018. The Requisition Number for this position is 1808345 and Job Title is 'Police Lieutenant'. To apply for this position, go to https://jobs.ucsc.edu, select Police Lieutenant, review the qualifications section, then click on the 'Apply for this Position' link.

At time of application submittal, applicants must also submit a POST Police Officer Personal History Statement (PHS) to the University of California, Santa Cruz Police Department via email to smahoney@ucsc.edu by November 19, 2018.  The PHS form 2-251 (rev. 2017) can be found at https://post.ca.gov/peace-officer-candidate-selection-process.


Examination Process

After the closing date of this job announcement, the candidate pool will be screened for minimum qualifications. The passing candidates will then be invited to participate in the written examination. 

The 2018 Police Lieutenant promotional examination will consist of the following five components:

  1. Written Examination
  2. UCPD Oral Board
  3. Community Oral Board
  4. Town Hall Meetings
  5. Chief’s Interview


Written Examination

The written examination will consist of approximately 125 questions based on a standardized promotional test format supplied by a contracted human resources service provider.

The written examination questions are sourced from the following reference materials: 

  • Effective Police Supervision, 7thEdition; More, Harry W. & Miller, Larry S (2015); Anderson Publishing
  • Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, 8thEdition; Woods Jr., DeVere D. (2013); Charles C. Thomas
  • Federated University Police Officers Contract

Candidates must receive a 70% score or greater on the written examination in order to participate in the subsequent components of this promotional process.


UCPD Oral Board

The UCPD Oral Board will be composed of UC System-wide Police Department managers and other law enforcement professionals. This component of the promotional process will consist of structured interview questions including operational scenarios. The UCPD Oral Board will examine the candidates’ abilities in the following areas: 

  • Administration
  • Management
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Interpersonal Skills & Public Relations
  • Oral Communication
  • Community Involvement & Awareness
  • Interest/Motivation 

The UCPD Oral Board will also review and discuss: 

  • Candidates' examination submissions from this promotional process
  • Candidates' previous work record and performance


Community Oral Board

The Community Oral Board will consist of a structured interview with a panel of community members and sworn law enforcement officers from neighboring agencies.

Only the most qualified candidates will be invited to participate in the Town Hall meetings and interview with the Chief of Police.


Town Hall Meetings

Qualified candidates will present for one (1) hour in open discussion forums on contemporary law enforcement topics that will be provided before the Town Hall meetings. This is an opportunity for the campus community and police department staff to meet and engage with the top candidates.


Chief’s Meeting

Qualified candidates will be invited to an oral interview with the Chief of Police.


Qualified Candidates List and Selection

 A ranked list will be established and used exclusively by the UC Santa Cruz Police Department for promotion/appointment to the rank of Lieutenant. The list is intended to remain active until a selection is made, and may be extended up to one year.

External candidates and candidates from other UC campuses selected to continue in the process must pass an extensive background investigation which includes: identity check, criminal history check resulting in no felony convictions per California Government Code sections 1029, 1030, 1031(c), California Penal Code section 12021 (c), and 18 USC 922 (d) (9); and may include a deception detection examination such as a polygraph or voice stress test.

All successful applicants must pass comprehensive medical and psychological pre-placement examinations as established by the University, state and federal law for police officers.  More information can be found at https://jobs.ucsc.edu.


Probationary Period

Internal UCPD candidates promoted to Police Lieutenant shall serve a six-month probationary period in the new class, exclusive of time on paid or unpaid leave, The probationary period shall be completed following six months of continuous service at 50 percent time or more without a break in service.

External candidates appointed to Police Lieutenant shall serve a twelve-month probationary period, exclusive of time on paid or unpaid leave, The probationary period shall be completed following twelve months of continuous service at 50 percent time or more without a break in service.


Tentative Calendar of Events 



Starting October 22, 2018

Interested candidates submit online application as outlined in the "Application Process" section. Deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m., Monday, November 19, 2018.

***Applicants must also submit a POST Police Officer Personal History Statement to the UCPD via email to smahoney@ucsc.edu by November 19, 2018.*** 

December 17-21, 2018                     

Written Examination administered online during this week.  More information will be provided to those qualified to take the test. The exam will last approximately 3 hours. 

January 7-11, 2019

UCPD Oral Board Interviews/ Community Oral Board Interviews

January 22-24, 2019

Town Hall Meetings and Interview with Chief of Police



*************************Note to Lieutenant Candidates**************************

This informational memorandum provides significant advance notice of the dates and times for each examination component. Police Lieutenant candidates are encouraged to resolve any schedule conflicts, including court dates, to ensure their availability on each of these published dates.

The selected candidate must earn the POST Management Certificate by completing a POST-certified 104 hour Management Course within 6 months of appointment and serving as a Lieutenant for a period of two years.

General questions concerning the promotional examination process, strictly exclusive of the examination contents, may be directed to Shannon Mahoney at 831-459-2897.