Night Escort Safety Service

Don't Walk Alone, Call The Night Escort Service!

Beginning Thursday, September 22nd, 2016, individuals needing an escort may call the Police Dispatch Center, at 831.459.2100. The Safety Escort Program will operate Monday - Thursday from 8:30pm to 12:15am.  There may be exceptions for holidays. This service is provided at no charge but will end in June 2017.

The Safety Escort Program is staffed by Student Ambassadors who are employed by the Police Department.

This program is not intended to replace existing transportation services such as the Metro Bus and Campus Shuttles or to discourage individuals from walking in groups, but is intended to provide a safe and reliable means of transit from one location to another on the campus. The Safety Escort Program cannot provide escort services to or from off campus locations.  

Intoxicated and/or disorderly students will not be transported, nor is food or alcohol allowed in the shuttle.  The Ambassadors reserve the right to refuse transport.  Additionally, the Ambassadors may provide walking escorts in lieu of using a vehicle.