Kiosk Guard Program

The Kiosk Guard Program, which has provided a long-standing evening service to the campus community, at both the Main Gate and West Gate entrances, was dissolved as of August 31, 2013.  The guards have been extremely committed and professional, and I am very thankful for the contributions that they have made to the community. 

As a result of this organizational change, redeployment of much of the funding  will be used for training and hiring additional police officers. This will be in addition to the already approved funding being provided by the campus to hire another officer in the 2013-2014 year.  With these changes, the campus will have increased its law enforcement staffing to 19.5.  This will enable us to have a minimum of two officers on duty at all times with additional officers in the evenings available for response to our residential communities, evening events, research lab safety, libraries and for other areas of campus.

I recognize that this decision affects the Police Department and the campus community.  Please understand that careful consideration and review went into this decision.  Much work has been done to understand and mitigate the impact to the community and the guards themselves.